Hollyweird. A place where people walk around dressed like movie characters in hopes of catching a few bucks for a picture with them. Odd right? There's a lot of hustle and bustle on Hollywood Blvd, but you can't hit up LA without checking out the walk of fame, right? You almost need to walk down the strip twice, once to admire what's at your feet, and another time to admire the buildings, lights, and crazy people eye-level and above. Seriously, go down and people watch in Hollywood, it's nuts. People shamelessly pose with the popular stars on the walk of fame, while the TWO Bing Crosby stars go unnoticed (I see you, Bing.) You can walk down and find Trump's star and flip it off, or kiss it. Whatever, not my business what you do! There are a billion and three tourist attractions down Hollywood Blvd/Highland Ave if people watching isn't your thing; one of which is the Museum of Broken Relationships (despite it sounding like a bad memoir of my life I didn't actually go inside and I hold a few regrets there). And with every different kind of ethnic food one person could desire, Hollyweird has a little bit for everyone!