A review: Los Angeles/IMI Conference

I'm now realizing I never made a blog post about my trip as a whole! That's probably because I came back home to nonstop rain and gloom (and we all know that's not very motivating) BUT I digress. Going out to Los Angeles was big for me in so many aspects of my life. It reminded me that I can go out, put myself in entirely uncomfortable situations, and come out fiercer and better than ever before. I successfully (puke or not, I consider it successful) flew across the country alone, to a place I've never been, where I knew no one, housed with five complete strangers, and went to a conference and mixers where I met people I admire and inspire to be like all while dealing with the beast known as anxiety. I was literally BLESSED to live with a bunch of awesome girls, each one totally and completely different from the others, but it worked well and I know I made some solid friendships in the process. I learned so much valuable information while at the conference and mixers, speaking with people who have been involved in the music industry for many years before me, their legacies and stories being absorbed with every panel and question asked. While all of the knowledge was not completely specific to me, I feel I am able to be a more well-rounded and helpful member of the industry as a whole. I now have knowledge I can share with others to help their journeys. I left the conference feeling incredibly inspired and dedicated to help the people I believe in achieve their own personal goals, as well as my own. I also learned that living in Los Angeles would absolutely drive me nuts. While she is beautiful, ever expansive, and diverse I can not handle the traffic there. Everyone truly drives like maniacs and it takes you 20 minutes to drive like 2 miles, no joke. But I appreciate the shit out of the city as diverse and beautiful as it is, and I would like to get a better glimpse of the city through the eyes of a local! There is a lot of passion and energy is LA that definitely can not be matched and that's what draws people to this city.