Long Time, No Blog/ Upcoming Booking Deals!

I have been awful at the blogging section of my website, and for that I apologize. Life get's crazy, and little things like this are the first to slip to the wayside. But here I am, with my second snow day in a row, ready to get some writing done. This month has been fueled by coffee and pizza as time hasn't allowed for much more. I recently became Managing Editor at Kill The Music and have been shooting so many shows for them and hammering out reviews and interviews as often as possible. I spent a weekend with the lovely fellas in Burn Book going out on a mini-tour with them, you can check up my fun article about that here. I've traveled for both work and pleasure, visiting DC and Cleveland (multiple times) and had plenty of chiropractor appointments in between to help handle all of the driving. I've done more boudoir shoots, and added a boudoir section to my portfolio because I have fallen in love with the art of boudoir. Photos from all of my crazy adventures this past month are down below!

But all that aside, I'm still looking to book more upcoming portrait work! I leave for LA on April 26th, and I want to get as many fun shoots in as possible before then. Contact me for family photos, head shots, portrait/portfolio work, or a boudoir shoot and we can arrange a price/date! Willing to offer discounted rates if you book within the next two weeks! Shoot me an email, today!